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Top Tips to a Successful Interview and Making the Most of your Agency 

You have been looking for work, sent off your CV and have finally got the chance to have an interview for a job through your agency.

Remember: A recruitment consultant is there to represent you to the best of their ability, but by the same token you will be representing them so it pays to be honest in your answers and try to get the best out of your interview. The more your interviewer knows you the easier your chances of being placed.


Here are our top 8 tips on how to get the most out of your agency and get a job that best suits you.

1. Do your Research

The fact that you are reading this article is a good start. You’d be surprised how many people do not know much about the Recruitment agency they are visiting or what sectors (if any) they specialise in. There is no point turning up looking for an advanced IT job at a generalist construction agency. Check out the website, check out the jobs page – if in doubt email or call the agency and ask!

2. Know the Job

If you have applied for a particular role you have seen advertised and been invited to interview – don’t turn up and ask what job it is that you applied for. Sounds obvious, right? You’d be surprised! Of course, there may be several often similar jobs you have applied for to various companies – it’s ok to ask for clarity if needs be – but ask BEFORE you get there otherwise you might just be wasting your and the recruitment consultants time.

3. Smile

This may sound clichéd but first impressions are so important. When you greet people, make sure it’s with a firm handshake and always make eye contact when you are talking to people. (That’s NOT the same as staring people down…)

4. Be Punctual

DON’T BE LATE! You’d be surprised at the number of people who seem to think of Agency interview as somehow less important or different to an employer interview. Guess what? It’s not! The Recruitment Consultant is your representative, and presents you to his or her client for a job.

By the same token, you are representing their agency when you are put forward for the role. It is vital that you impress from the outset.

By running late and not respecting that the consultants time is valuable, you are reducing your chances of being put forward for the job – you might not even get interviewed. If you are running late – let the agency know! A little professional courtesy goes a long way.

5. Be Enthusiastic

Bring a positive attitude to your interview. Most interviewers won‘t even give a second thought to someone who has a negative presence or seems like they almost need to be talked into the job . No one likes a misery to work with.

6. Ask Questions

Remember it’s not just about getting any job – it’s about getting the right job so it’s essential that you ask the right questions to make sure the job is for you.

It’s always useful to have 3 or 4 questions in your repertoire such as: “What are the challenges in this role?” , “Do you think I am the correct candidate for the role?”, “When are you looking for people to start?” , “What do you look for in a successful employee?”

Interviewers especially like it when candidates ask specific questions about the nature of the role, what the job entails, what the goals of the company are etc.

7. Be Memorable

It always pays to stand out from other candidates that are being interviewed.

Sometimes a Recruitment Consultant can interview over 50 people in a given week so it is important that you stand out from the crowd.

Now, this doesn’t mean making your hair pink – but it does mean having some stories that make you interesting – like the time you auditioned for Xfactor or the time you rescued orphaned gorillas in a jungle.

The stories don’t even have to obviously relate to the job directly not do they have to be as extravagant as those just mentioned – they just need to be something that makes you interesting. These stories can be a point of reference for the recruiter when they are trying to recall the candidate.

8. Dress Appropriately

Your appearance and how you behave can tell people a lot about you as a person. Make sure you get it right by finding out the dress code beforehand. Don’t chew gum and always switch your phone off!


Sounds scary right? It’s not. Most of it is common sense. Be polite, smile and it shouldn’t be that hard. Remember the recruitment consultant is on your side and wants to find out more about you – so relax and be yourself.

Good luck in your job search!!


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