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The end of the interview is your last opportunity (it is nearly over)to make a personal impact on your prospective employer. Here are a few tips to ensure your final impression is a positive and lasting one.

What Questions Should You Ask?

After an in-depth interview, it is sometimes disconcerting when you are asked to think of questions for the interviewer yourself. However, well thought out, relevant questions will further demonstrate a genuine interest in the role and the organisation. For example:

“What activities would be involved in an average day?”

“What are the best and worst aspects of the role?”

“Why is the role vacant?”

“Who would I be working with?”

“Who is your major competitor?”

If you can build on points that have been raised in the interview this will also demonstrate your attentiveness. For example:

“You mentioned earlier that you were launching a new product line. How will that impact on your current lines?”

Closing the Interview

It is standard for the interviewer to end with a phrase such as, “Thanks for coming in, we’ll be in touch.” At this point most candidates will say, “Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.” you must let the interviewer know if you are interested in the job. A close such as, “Thank you. I’ve enjoyed the interview and am very interested in the role. When will I hear?” will significantly improve your chances of success. Ending your interview should be treated with the same discipline as getting prepared for your interview.


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