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Make sure you create your best impression from the word go. Make your CV the one to remember.

Top 10 Tips

(1) Straightforward and easy to read – Curriculum Vitae – SPELL IT!

(2) Don’t add colour or pictures!

(3) Highlight your responsibilities and achievements

(4) Write your experience chronologically, most recent first.

(5) Tailor your CV to the company and the role

(6) Be honest!

(7) Highlight your education

(8) Don’t overcrowd your CV

(9) Get it checked by others

(10) How does your CV look?

Profile, Layout and Content

The Profile – This is similar to a condensed covering letter except far more likely to be read! Summarise key areas of your expertise such as the sectors within you have worked. Include any voluntary or association work if this is your first role.

If you have worked before then have a think about the following:

For an Events Manager for example, include points such as:
– sectors worked, be it professional body, agency, corporate, venue
– Type of events and largest event organized
– Your level of responsibility – if you have had sole responsibility make sure you state this.
– Management of a team/individual
– International event exposure
– Budget Management


Make sure the company, job title and dates are clear.


Be specific but concise.


Lessons are to be shared

Our Lessons blog is specifically aimed at students and new entrants in the events sector.

Please share posts with your friends and colleagues. That’s all we ask.

Nothing more, nothing less. Just share and let’s help develop the events sector together.