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Tailor your Approach

As an avid reader of our posts you will be already making major moves to differentiate yourself from your class mates.

After all, you will have your business cards, you will know about the importance of networking and very importantly you will be thinking critically.

So you are well on your way to getting ahead in the events sector.

But one of the big questions for any student/new entrant is where do you go to get started? Starting your event job search can be daunting.

Surely it is ok to write to all companies that have some connection to the events world? Well this would be a major mistake and a real waste of your time.

I have lost count of the number of CVs and e mails that I have received that have a sentiment that says” I would really like to work at your company and I am great”.

What is the point of this?

These blanket CVs/ e-mails are just heading for my waste basket. I instantly know that these people haven’t even looked at what my company provides.

So why would I spend my time considering this as a serious application? The truth is that I will not.

Now on the other hand if it becomes clear that you have spent time researching what we do, and discovered how you could help us become even better, well now I am interested.

At this point I am also anticipating receiving your CV/Resume that brings to the front all the strengths that would help our company (no general CV please).

Breaking It Down

Now you might be thinking but I don’t know if your company/organization is the one that I want to be working for and that is ok as well because at the outset you have to break down your search.

If you type” jobs in events” into Google then you will get a list of thousands so that wouldn’t be much help. So you need to keep narrowing the search.

Take a step back and think about what makes you tick and where your best qualities can be used.

You could break down the big search into the areas of sales, logistics, administration, creativity and marketing.

So you now have 5 areas that you can look at and if you say that you like all areas equally then I will not believe you.

Everyone has one area that is stronger than all the others. It may just take a little time to work out which one it is.

This will then enable you to start looking in your chosen area and you can automatically disregard the other areas.

You are going to save some time and you will understand the scope of jobs available.

Become the specialist and know the salaries and requirements better than your classmates.

Drilling Down Further

You have discovered that you want to work in events and you now know which area you want to work in.

So the next question is all about the company/organization itself and this of course means more research on your part.

In the events world there are many companies /organizations that operate and they all have very different operations.

Some Basic Questions You Need to Answer

Where do you want to work – Are you restricted geographically or are you prepared to work anywhere?

Do you want to work for a small company or a large one?

Do you want to work in an entrepreneurial small business with few people or within a large corporate?

Which sector would you like to work in? Is it financial services, pharmaceutical etc?

Now You Can Start Your Event Job Search

If you understand that a blanket CV/e mail isn’t going to be enough, and you have identified the area of events you want to work and you have drilled that down further well now you have become quite specific in your job search.

This is where this hard work will pay off as you will only be applying for positions that you are truly interested in (which is good for you and the employer).

At this point an employer will be taking you seriously as you have taken them seriously.

Already you have an advantage over your classmates you are no doubt wasting time and energy in sending off general CVs that are going to the best place for them – the bin.


This is more homework but it is exciting homework. You are looking for that job to launch your career.

Many people do not take the time to be really targeted in their search but if you take the time and focus you will really stand out.

I have received some very personalized letters over the years from students and these people are now fixed in my mind so already they have an edge.

It could be that the company that you apply to doesn’t have an opportunity for you but everyone is connected somehow so you never know what new opportunities may open up for you. But you need to have made the right impression.

Remain laser focused in your search and the work will all be worth it in the end.

Five Top Tips

Decide which broad area of events you want to work in.

Answer the questions of where you want to work, what size company and what type of environment.

Really understand salaries and requirements for your chosen search.

Revise your CV to focus on the area of your choice.

Research the company you are applying to and send a specific covering letter.


Spend time on this and remember this is your most exciting Home work yet! After all you are truly starting your event job search.


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