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The creator of Lessons from a Mountain and founder of Planet Planit, Paul Cook is available for guest lectures at Universities and Colleges.

Paul has a style which involves him putting together interactive and lively workshops in which students become fully immersed. They come away with immediate practical tips that they can put into action.

His key areas of expertise break down into the following areas:

Employability – Impressing at interview and landing your first job 

This session looks at very practical steps that students can take to stand out from their competition and secure that very important first job. Paul comes armed with various techniques that can be applied immediately. His advice is always realistic and hard hitting. He brings additional evidence and opinions from a number of employers. This is a special session for students as it will set them on the path to career success.

Event (Content) Design

This lecture examines the key elements of event design. What should be considered? What can be left out? Why design is crucial to successful event delivery plus much more. In particular, Paul explores the importance of emotional connection and engagement techniques at events.

Event Marketing

This session investigates the methods and tips available to market events. What is appropriate as every event is different? How to ensure that marketing is aligned with the overall business objectives? These questions and more form the basis of a very hands on practical session. Students will be taken on a journey using a number of case studies to illustrate latest thinking.

Event Risk Management

Paul’s first business was a specialised event insurance brokerage which he created in 2006. He holds the view that insurance, contracts and risk management are all needed to work together in harmony and cannot be viewed in isolation from each other. This workshop is full of case studies and practical exercises for students to obtain ‘hands on’ experience of delving into a world of complexity and jargon. It is a very immersive session that changes a dry subject into a compelling one. 

Why Paul Loves Guest Lecturing

Paul takes the opportunity to work with students as he is keen to help them get into the industry. For him it is important that he plays his part in helping the next generation get to grips with working in a very competitive and creative industry. He also thrives of engaging and challenging the thinking of the future industry leaders.

Paul Cook’s Student Work in Brief

Paul has been working with Universities and Colleges for more than a decade. He has created ‘Lessons from a Mountain’ specifically to help students launch into the world of business.

In addition he has created competitions for students which include the MPI Young Achievers Award (which he co-created with MPI) and the Planet Planit Event Innovation Awards.

He is co-Author of Risk It! – How to Run Great Events and Live with the Risk. Paul is a Past President of MPI UK Chapter and he has held various International Advisory Committee roles within MPI.

Contact Paul

If you would like Paul to come and provide one of his guest lectures at your college or university then just send an enquiry using the Contact form.

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