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A research project/dissertation is going to be one piece of work that will occupy an awful lot of your time and energy. At times you will love it and at other times it will be that project that you really couldn’t care less about.

Your research is a very similar to a ‘marathon’ and it will test your mental reserves especially at those times when you feel like giving up and starting a new subject.

Be Passionate

It is imperative that you choose research that really sparks your interest. If you have no passion for the research it will become obvious very quickly and even if you pretend that you are enjoying your project well that will be seen through as well.

It’s obvious when someone has real passion for their subject; there is no escaping their enthusiasm, energy and confidence that comes from having real passion.

Don’t choose an area of research because it seems to be trendy or is the latest fad. Trends and fads come and go quickly so asking yourself about how valuable your research will be in a year or two is an essential question.

Niche It

A bland research project will just be plain boring. I suggest that you really niche your research and the more you can create your own niche the better.

After all you will want your research to stand out when you are talking to people about it.

A project on ‘sustainability in events’ is very broad compared to say ‘the impact of sustainability on supplier selection for hotels in New York’ which is much tighter.

A niche will also help narrow down your focus which is always useful so that you don’t become over whelmed by the project that you have taken on.

Niche research will help you differentiate yourself. As business people know trying to be all things to all people is not usually a winning strategy but a business that has a niche normally can do better.

Use It

It could seem obvious but just what are you going to do with your research after the project has finished?

Yes, I understand that your research forms a major element to your academic qualification but how can you use it once the final word has been written? Will your research project just sit on your bookcase and gather dust or could you do more?

Could you approach contacts and share some of the insights from your work? Could you take an element of the research and make that into a project of its own?

Whilst I know there will be some limitations on how you can use the research so that you don’t end up on the wrong side of the academic regulations, with some thinking I am sure you could find other uses and opportunities that can come from your research.

Three Top Tips

Have a passion for your research project (as you will be spending many nights and days together).

Develop a niche research paper.

The end is the beginning (consider how you can use your research to help you in the business world).


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