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How to launch and accelerate your career in the world of events


Practical advice and insights to help you stand out in the events sector.

Careers in events are very rewarding. The competition is intense which is one of the reasons for creating this resource of tips, ideas and advice to help you get ahead.


Your Challenges

  • Making the leap from university, college or another sector into the events industry is a big step. How will you stand out?
  • Where can you find the tips and techniques from industry professionals that help you gain the edge needed?
  • Studying hard is a great start, but, how can you make the right impression during interviews, presentations and pitches?
  • How do you demonstrate that you are the best choice and that you understand the events industry?

How we Help

  • We help students from Events disciplines and people new to the sector to get a head start.
  • We share original content in our lessons blog.
  • We connect the academic world with the events industry.
  • We work with universities, colleges and schools to create and design relevant interactive sessions.

If you are in academia or industry and would like to work with us to help launch the careers of the new events industry talent, please get in touch.

Paul has a wealth of industry knowledge from which to draw upon, and always delivers his content with the user completely in mind.
Andrew Kirby

Programme Director, BA International Events Management, Regent’s University

The students were really buzzing on Friday and really excited by the Conference and what you did for them.

Did you meet expectations? You smashed them to smithereens!!

Nick Jordan

Senior Lecturer – Events Management, Sheffield Hallam University

I like working with Paul. He’s a regular, expert-contributor to my Programme at University of Greenwich. His specialism in Hybrid Events is well-developed, novel and in demand in the current changing industry sector environment. I very enthusiastically recommend him.
Charles Bladen

Educator Researcher Business Author, Greenwich University

Lessons From a Mountain: the Story

Paul Cook successfully climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Lessons from a Mountain has its name as a result of his trip.

An Inspiring Challenge

Whilst on his adventure, Paul discovered lessons that enabled him to overcome his own personal limits and push on to the top of the mountain. These are lessons that he now continues to practice on a daily basis in his business life. Kilimanjaro was a catalyst for change in his personal development.

Lessons for Life

As a result of his trip and through his previous work with universities, Paul helps students and new entrants launch into the events industry. He uses the ‘mountain’ as a metaphor. He shares with them, the personal lessons he learnt whilst climbing. Paul also provides a wealth of knowledge, experience and insights on business events.

About Paul Cook

Paul Cook is a well-known figure in the events industry. In 2008 he created Planet Planit Ltd , which is business consultancy that has a focus on events.  Lessons from a Mountain is a trading style of Planet Planit Ltd.